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Granite State EMS, in Concord, NH, is committed to offering the highest quality EMS education possible. Our most valuable asset is the team of educators affiliated with Granite State EMS.

Our educators bring diverse experiences in emergency medicine, dynamic educational backgrounds, and certifications and licensure to the EMS classroom. The one thing they all share is a passion for emergency education.

All of our EMR, EMT, CPR & First Aid courses are taught by licensed and certified healthcare providers with extensive experience in acute care and emergency medical services. With years of instructional experience and a passion for emergency education, our educators are known to be the top in their field. They are a blend of emergency medical technicians, firefighters, registered nurses, paramedics and other allied health professionals. Educators are chosen for classes based on their area of expertise.

Eric W. Perry | Darah Costello

Michael Dow | Christopher Dustin | Cagney Hatch | Keenan Hatch

Michael Kennard | Kyle Levesque | Lisa Miller | Geoff Ranfos

Eric Perry - EMS educator Darah Costello - EMS educator

Michael Dow - EMS educator Christopher Dustin - EMS educator Cagney Hatch - EMS educator Keenan Hatch - EMS educator

Michael Kennard - EMS educator Kyle Levesque - EMS educator Lisa Miller - EMS educator Geoff Ranfos - EMS educator


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